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  About Us  


Creative, interactive and educational programmes designed to educate our young for the future.


Trusted provider by key players in the preschool industry, government associations and schools.

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Established in 2014, Halexandria Education specialises in developing white label curriculum for pre and primary schoolers. Our courses and workshops are specially designed to engage and intrigue growing young minds. 

Our Philosphy


​​​Every child is a vessel and in them lies our future. Like seedlings, they have to be nurtured with proper care. It is our duty to see them through their metamorphosis and be advocates of knowledge, virtue, and wisdom. 


​Every child needs hope. This intangible force has to come from society to provide constant encouragement for our young ones. More importantly, we have to be role models in this aspect and in turn, inspire them to do the same.


Aspiration is an integral part of a child’s journey in life. It is our duty to use education as a tool to facilitate the accomplishment of their dreams and passion. 

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At Halexandria Education, we believe that childhood education serves as the building blocks of a child’s attitude and perception towards education as a whole. Through our interactive and educational courses, we aim to promote and instil a positive outlook towards the much mechanised modern system of education. Imagination and inquisitivity will be the core of all our courses as Albert Einstein once said, “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” We want our little ones to transcend boundaries. Their journey starts here.

Our Clients

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