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Magic of Science is a fun, interactive programme specially designed for preschool children. Our aim is to promote the understanding of relevant scientific concepts through a S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) approach that also accentuates logical thinking and holistic cognitive development.  Through it, we also introduce our children to the wonderful world of Science and at the same time, spark a natural interest to promote innovation for the future.



Logic will take you from A to B; imagination will take you EVERYwhere.

 Albert Einstein


Integrated STEM Approach
We are the pioneers in STEM education for preschoolers in Singapore. Through our thematic approach, our young scientists will embark on an exciting and unforgettable journey.
Cognitive Development


Our programme stimulates curiousity and acts as a catalyst for the development of critical and sequential thinking, as well as inference and observation skills.


  What's New  

DIY Submarine
Putt Putt Boat
Newton's Cradle
Chompin' Angler Fish
Simple Mechanical Fish
Microscopic Fun!
Learning about microscopes and how to use them.
Molecule Assembly
Did you know that an atom is the smallest thing in the world?
Augmented Reality
3D projections of animals in our Jungle Module.
Solar Car
Assembling a Solar Powered Car!
Gear Factory!
Learn about Gears and how they work.
Marble Maze
Our little mechanics having a go at constructing a marble maze.
Balloon Race Car
Learning about Air Pressure!
DIY Ferris Wheel
Learn about Pivots while assembling a Ferris Wheel.
DIY See Saw
Learn about Fulcrums & Weight Distribution.
Glass Piano!
Learning about Pitch while making music!
Learn about Light & Lasers in our Space Explorers workshop!
Flying Pterodactyl
Creating a simple machine that flaps the pterodactyl's wings!
Dinosaur Fossils
Can you name any of these dinosaurs?
Turtle Party!
Learn about Turtles VS Tortoises in our Nautical Madness workshop!
Let's huff and puff and blow the ship forth!
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For enquiries and business opportunities, please contact us at 94247199 or email us at hello@magicofsciencekids.com

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Turtle Party!

Learn about Turtles VS Tortoises in our Nautical Madness workshop!